Where is Nick with Post House fan Paul Laemmle
Pipped by the Post Office door.

We now refer anything to do with the postal system as Snail mail, and in South Africa’s case, sometimes as no-mail.  The rich history of letters, stamps and post boxes, will soon belong to a nostalgic bygone era.  This is the wonderful aspect of having chosen the name Post House. The fact that like wine it belongs to a time when the whole process was slower and so becomes a never ending story…… but I will keep the following true story short



The Claremont (Cape Town) Post Office doors are apparently still often pad locked closed during normal office hours. This is because the Post Office keeps failing to pay the land lord, who’s only remedy is to use a chain and padlock until rent is forthcoming. Angry customers are able to peer through the glass Post Office doors in a vain attempt to get more information from surly staff with in. The doors have not always been glass. In a bygone era the doors used to be of teak and one could still post the letters through the front door. How do I know this, because these very doors now hang proudly in our new tasting area. The original Claremont Post office was demolished in the 1960s due to development. The doors were rescued and auctioned off to find a new home as very fancy Farm Barn doors. However even farms can be the victim of development, especially if you are situated on prime golfing land and so the doors once again  were on the move….this time to Post House Wines. Perhaps we will put them back into operation and allow letters to be posted once again.

I am often asked what it is about the wine business I enjoy the most. Is it the growing of the vineyards and seeing the vines developing over a seoson or the harvest and hoping it is a good one or meeting all the interesting people who are attracted to this industry whether it be as customers, suppliers or fellow winemakers? But what I enjoy most is disappearing into the cellar and going through various barrels to see how a vintage is developing or putting a new vintage blend together ably assisted with the  help of Riana who is becoming more involved in the cellar.   One can spend much time deliberating which barrels are going to be used for a particular blend and as a resualt  it can be quite a hazoudous job, the lines can start becoming blurred so to speak, so it  is fortitous  that no driving is required there afer!

We have just released two new vintages : Bulls Eye Cabernet 2015 and Merry Widow 2015 with  three new vintages in tank getting ready for bottling:  Penny Black 2015, Missing Virgin 2015 and the Stamp of Chenin 2016.   2015 has really lived up to expectations as a great vintage rivalling the 2009 vintage. The 2015 vintage is a little more classical and elegent in style and I am super excited about the results. The Bulls Eye Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 in particular showing great potential for ageing.  

This is what Michael Larson, one of the Top Sommeliers in the world, had to say about our Shiraz 2015 and Chenin Blanc 2015 done in a blind tasting.

Post House Vineyards - Merry Widow       South Africa                       Shiraz    Red        2015      93               Impenetrable purple colour. Intense and ambitious nose with high ripeness, floral notes, violet, blackberry, cassis and really dark fruit underlined by ginger, clove pepper and a discreet hint of wood. The palate is really full and weighty, fine grainy tannin, layers of black fruit with a fresh acidity, mild spices and tapenade notes, layered with an approaching complexity and long layered finish, fine potential here.

Post House Vineyards - Stamp of Chenin  South Africa                       Chenin   White    2015      91               Bright quite deep golden colour. “fat” nose in the positive sense, butter, wax, crushed nuts and yellow fruit with discreet wood. The palate is bold and rounded, yet with a distinct freshness and backbone with balanced bitterness and hints of ripe citrus, rather Rhône like stylistically. Long and lingering finish, ripe fruit but well integrated alcohol.



Wishing you a fruitful and happy 2017

Nick Tracy Riana and the Post House Team

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