Mailing May 2023 (1)

Mailing May 2023

Sauvignon Blanc 

An elegant, refreshing and fruity Sauvignon Blanc with a crisp upfront palate followed by an elegant finish. A nose of pineapple, green fig, citrus and gooseberry.

Alcohol: 13.72%

Residual Sugar: 3.4g/L

Total Acid: 7.0g/L

Total SO2: 100mg/L

PH: 3.32

Maturation potential 2 years.

Cameo Chenin 2023

Cameo Chenin Blanc 2023

Chenin Blanc unwooded

A fresh nose of green apple, quince and citrus. Full refreshing mouth feel with a long lingering finish. Wine of origin Stellenbosch.

Alcohol: 13.48%

Residual Sugar: 1.9g/L

Total Acid: 6.2g/L

Total SO2: 106mg/L

PH: 3.53

Maturation potential 2 years.

Three Pearls 2023

Three Pearls 2023

Grenache Rosé

This delicate salmon pink rosé is made from the Grenache grape. Crisp, easy-drinking and bursting with strawberry and raspberry on the nose along with fresh acidity and a dry finish.

Alcohol: 12.41%

RS: 2.6g/L

Total Acid: 5.2g/L

Total SO2: 140mg/L

PH: 3.48

Maturation Potential: 2 years

Stamp of Chenin 2023

Stamp of Chenin 2023

100% Chenin Blanc

The nose of this wine offers peach, citrus and liquorice. Rich and full bodied palate with delicate flavours of tropical fruit,orange and a minerals. Soft round entry finishing with a long and full mouth feel. A hint of sweetness Perception of sweetness from lees contact and fruit. Drinking well but still young , will mature for another two to three years with honey character evolving.

Alcohol 15.03% vol.
Total acid 5.3 g/L
Residual sugar 2.7 g/L
pH 3.61

Admirals 2021

Admirals Pinotage 2021


A dark blue-red rimmed Pinotage with a nose of blueberry, strawberries, chocolate, pepper and a hint of floral, giving a rich smooth palate of ripe fruit and spices.

Alcohol: 14.25%

Residual Sugar: 1.2g/L

Total Acid: 6.1g/L

Total SO2: 108mg/L

PH: 3.77

Maturation potential up to 4-5 years.

Golden Monkey 2022

Golden Monkey 2023

Shiraz, Mourvedre & Grenache

Golden Monkey 2023 is a brick red wine with good colour. A nose of mulberries, red currant blackberry, cinnamon and with a
hint of white pepper and aniseed. An aromatic spicy blend with supple, soft tannins for summer
drinking. Serve slightly chilled.A blend of Shiraz 69%, Grenache 21% and Mourvedre 10%
This is a Rhone blend which is becoming increasingly popular across the world. Enjoy now or keep up to 4 years.

Wine of Origin: Stellenbosch

Alcohol: 13.55%

Residual Sugar: 2.8g/L

Total Acid: 4.8g/L

Total SO2: 129mg/L

PH: 3.84

Blend %: Shiraz = 64%, Grenache=23%, Mourvedre=13%

Maturation Potential: 4 years
Blueish Black 2022

Blueish Black 2022

Shiraz, Pinotage, Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot

The name refers to the colour of the wine which has a dark blue tinge to the wine
Dark blueish black wine with good colour. A nose of mulberries,red currant and ripe strawberries with a hint of pepper and spice. Full bodied rich wine with supple soft tannins for easy drinking.

Alcohol 13.74% vol
Residual sugar 3.5 g/L
Total acid 5.0 g/L
pH 3.84

Maturation potential up to 4-5 years.

black mail

Black Mail Merlot 2022


Merlot 2022 was made with the utmost attention and detail to deliver an extremely high quality end product. This wine offers a nose of raspberry and fynbos with a hint of mint and violets. The palate has firm tannins and an underlying cherry fruit structure giving it a juicy but full finish.

Alcohol: 13.83%

RS: 1.6g/L

Total Acid: 5.2g/L

Total SO2: 86mg/L

PH: 3.69

Maturation potential 8-10 years.

bulls eye

Bulls Eye Cabernet Sauvignon 2022

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon 2022 was made with the utmost attention and detail to deliver an extremely high quality end product. This wine is a big wine with a nose of raspberry, mint, cigar box, chocolate and gamy meat. The palate is firm and oaky with rounded ripe fruit and tannins which gives length to the finish.

Alcohol: 14.34%

RS: 1.9g/L

Total Acid: 5.5g/L

Total SO2: 97mg/L

PH: 3.60

Maturation potential 8-10 years.

Merry Widow 2021

Merry Widow Shiraz 2021


Dark red wine with an inkiness picked up on the nose and palate. A nose of blackcurrant, chocolate, white pepper, cinnamon, raspberry and a hint of liquorice. An elegant wine with firm but supple tannins. Rounded ripe fruit giving a long and lingering finish. Wine of Origin Stellenbosch.

Alcohol: 14.34% vol.
Skin contact: Shiraz 14 days
Residual sugar: 1.9 g/L
Total acid: 5.5 g/L
pH: 3.60

Maturation potential: 8-10 years.

Penny Black 2021

Penny Black 2021

Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot & Chenin Blanc

An elegant wine with a soft entry but with a firm but supple finish. Dark inky black colour. Initial nose of floral petals, also of fynbos (South African heath), blackcurrant, fruitcake, white pepper and spice. Rounded tannins and ample fruit results in a layered and complex wine.

Alcohol: 14.37%

Residual Sugar: 2.0g/L

Total Acid: 5.3g/L

Total SO2: 112mg/L

Ph: 3.76

Maturation potential up to 12 years.

Missing Virgin 2021

Missing Virgin 2021

Pinotage & Petit Verdot

A full bodied rich wine with supple soft tannins but with a lively long finish. The nose has a hint of cinnamon, blue berries, fruit cake and wild heath.

Alcohol: 14.49%

Residual Sugar: 1.2g/L

Total Acid: 5.6g/L

Total SO2: 111mg/L

Ph: 3.79

Maturation potential up to 8-10 years

Stamp of Chenin

Stamp of Chenin Reserve 2019

Stamp Of Chenin 2019 Reserve Barrel Select

A nose of tropical fruit, boasting flavors of starfruit, Feijoa and papaya. Creamy, buttery palate. Well balanced mouthfeel with a well-rounded juicy finish. Brilliant balance between lush fruit and mouthwatering creaminess. Drinking well, but still young. Will mature for another two to three years with honey character evolving. Keep up to 6 years.  900 bottles

Alcohol 14.5% vol.
Total acid 5.1 g/L
Residual sugar 3.4 g/L
pH 3.47

Maturation potential 6-8 years.

Stormy Hope 2022

Stormy Hope Petit Verdot 2021

Stormy Hope 2021 Reserve

Petit Verdot is inky black in colour and has high natural acidity. Being such a bold wine, it is commonly added in less than 10% of most wine blends.

The name Petit Verdot (‘small green’) refers to one of the main problems with the grape in France from where it originates, and that because it is a late ripener it does not always reach full maturity in the Bordeaux climate. We do not have this problem in our climate and is a stunning wine in its own right.

Alcohol: 13.84%

RS: 1.8g/L

Total Acid: 6.1g/L

Total SO2: 79mg/L

PH: 3.86​
Maturation potential up to 10-12 years

holy grail (1)

Holy Grail Malbec Reserve 2022

Holy Grail Malbec Reserve 2022

The Malbec Reserve offers Cherry, Plum, Raspberry and Blackberry on the nose. It was made with the utmost attention to detail to deliver an extremely high quality end product which can be matured for up to twelve years.

This is a full-bodied wine richly layered with plump, dark fruit flavours and a smoky finish. Excellent with dark meat, poultry and lean red meats. Malbec pairs well with earthy flavours such as beef brisket.

Wine of Origin Stellenbosch. 600 Bottles produced.

Alcohol: 14.6%

RS: 1.3g/L

Total Acid: 5.6g/L

Total SO2: 110mg/L

PH: 3.76

Treskilling Yellow 2018

Noble Late Harvest
100% Chenin Blanc

This Noble Late Harvest offers up honeyed walnuts, dried apricot, honey orange marmalade and pineapple. In the mouth, it is full-bodied sweet and powerful with refreshing acidity as well as massive concentration. Classic, rich mouthfeel reminiscent of Sauternes.

Alcohol: 11.97%

Skin Contact = 4 hours

RS: 181.0g/L

Total Acid: 7.3g/L

Total SO2: 73mg/L

PH: 3.86

Maturation potential 8 years.